Pentatonix is the first original album by the acapella group. The group's seventh album, almost all the tracks are originals, with the exception of If I Ever Fall In Love by Shai, and the bonus tracks on the deluxe album.


The tracks in cursive are revivals or covers.
The tracks in bold are available only on the deluxe version.

No. Title Length
1 Na Na Na 2:36
2 Can't Sleep Love 2:53
3 Sing 2:57
4 Misbehavin' 3:43
5 Ref 3:14
6 First Things First 2:41
7 Rose Gold 3:43
8 If I Ever Fall In Love (ft. Jason Derulo) 3:14
9 Cracked 2:54
10 Water 3:11
11 Take Me Home 2:56
12 New Year's Day 3:38
13 Light in the Hallway 4:15
14 Where are U Now 2:51
15 Cheerleader


16 Lean On 2:41
17 Can't Sleep Love (ft. Tink) 3:34

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