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Pentatonix Concert- Fonda Theatre (17)

Avi performing with Pentatonix at the Jane Fonda Theatre in January 2013

Avi Kaplan is the bass for the vocal band Pentatonix.

Early Life Edit

Kaplan was born in Visalia, California on (BIRTH DATE). Kaplan moved to Walnut, California in 2007 to attend Mt. San Antonio College, known worldwide for their strong choral and a cappella tradition. In 2008 he joined Fermata Nowhere, a high-energy male a cappella group that became the first community college a cappella entrants to win the prestigious ICCA. Kaplan won the competition’s award for “Best Rhythm Section,” the first year that this award had ever included a vocal bass (the award was called “Best Vocal Percussionist” before Avi’s victory prompted the language change).  In his third year at Mt. San Antonio, Avi joined Sincopation, an award-winning jazz ensemble that won the Monterey Jazz Festival Competition in his first year.

Pentatonix Edit

Kaplan was contacted by Scott Hoying through a friend. Hoying wanted Kaplan to join Hoying, Mitch Grassi and Kirstie Maldonado for the Sing-Off. Kaplan recognized the main trio through their "Telephone" cover, which he had previously watched and loved. He flew to Los Angeles to audition for the Sing-Off with Pentatonix, and they, along with Kevin Olusola, were accepted and later won The Sing-Off.

Artistry Edit

Kaplan is a bass, with a voice ranging from E1 to C#5 (Chest voice range being G1-E4). He is a serious student of classical music who also plays guitar, composes and arranges music for both choral and a cappella. He has performed at venues worldwide, including New York City’s Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

Appearance Edit

Kaplan usually wears his hair down, up in a beanie, or in a man-bun to most concerts.

He has green eyes with a hazel ring around his pupil.

Kaplan is almost never seen without his beard.

Trivia Edit

Kaplan used to participate in a choir as a teen.

Kaplan loves food, especially barbeque and gummy bears.

He is popularly known for his "super frown".

He is obsessed with dragons to the point where he thinks they exist. His known favorite things are dragons, barbeque, and low notes. And maybe castles.

Kaplan enjoys manly alcohol.

In addition to singing bass for Pentatonix, Kaplan can beatbox and will sometimes make special sounds for the songs accompanying Olusola.

Kaplan can overtone sing, meaning singing two notes at once. This ability is demonstrated in Pentatonix's cover of Aha! by Imogen Heap.

He is extremely close with his family, especially his sister Esther Kaplan.

Kaplan despises selfishness, wishes for world selflessness, and fears that he will not find his true love.

Avi Kaplan
Fact Sheet
Full Name Avriel "Avi" Benjamin Kaplan
Born April 17, 1989 (26 years)
Hometown Visalia, CA
Vocal Type Bass
Height 6' / 1.80

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